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Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius

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Mauritius, a paradisiac island where you will be able to make your dreams of observing dolphins in their natural environment come true. We can make this dream even more beautiful. The Skippers make it possible for you to swim with the dolphins and under the supervision of professionals. Swim with the dolphins, will be done in the largest respect of these splendid marine mammals, their environment and their daily living habits.

For nature lovers and those who particularly love the sea, the skipper offers even more. What will say of a visit of the whales? We have the chance to have also these majestic animals which migrates along the West coast of Mauritius and can thus go to visit them.

Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius or Dolphin Encounter in Mauritius

Dolphins and whales are perhaps the most fantastic of all the creatures that live in the ocean. These mammals have always had a special place in man heart and mind. The dolphins - cheerfull and playfull, symbol of intelligence and grace as well as The whales - so big, so mysterious and so amazing, can be encountered on the west coat of Mauritius. The Dolphins, the Spinners and the Bottlenose, have made of the West Coast of Mauritius a place to rest and sleep before going to the deep sea to fish.

Dolphins lived in pods of around 20 individuals or more and can be observed swimming casually from Tamarin on their way to the deep sea off the coast of le Morne penninsula, early in the morning.

Swim with Dolphin in Mauritius - 2h Tours / Excursions - West Coast Mauritius

Swim with the Dolphins (without lunch) - 2hrs - From 7.30 to 09.30

A unique experience: swimming with the dolphins in their natural environment.

Once you get on board the speed boat, the skippers will do a briefing on the experience you are going to live.

The briefing will also include such aspects as:

Type of dolphins that you will encounter.

Their habits.

Then you will be off for two wonderful hours in the open sea.

Price: Per Person Rs 1900.

Dolphin Encounter -Full Day- West Coast Mauritius

Swim with the Dolphins in Mauritius + Lunch on Ile aux Benitiers From 7.30 to 14.30

After the 2 hrs outing with the dolphin you will be going to Ile aux Benitiers for lunch and stay up to the afternoon in a magnificent lagoon.

You will go across the Crystal Rock and have a magnificent view on le Morne mountain.

Our guys will start preparing the lunch as soon as you will be on the island and within an hour you will be eating a delicious menu prepared by Nathalie

After lunch you will have the leisure to tan on the beach or else walk around the endless beach of the island.

Price: Adult Rs 2700 and Child (5 - 12 yrs): Rs 1875.

Price in exclusivity max 8 pax - full day: Rs 13000 + Rs 800 per pax for the lunch.

Whales Encounter - West Coast Mauritius

Swim with the Dolphins & Whales Watching (without lunch) From 7.30 to 13.00

After swimming with the dolphins in their natural environment you will start your journey to find the magnificent mammals that are the Whales.

Whales watching is a different and more difficult outing as you will have to go further out to sea and will depend a lot on weather and sea conditions. If the sea is rough, it will be more difficult to see the whales.

Price Swim with Dolphin Mauritius & Whale Encounter (without lunch): Adult Rs 3200 and Child (5 - 12 yrs): Rs 1975.

Price Whales Encounter (without lunch): Adult Rs 2200 et Child (5 - 12 yrs): Rs 1375.

Dolphin Mauritius

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