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La Vanille Crocodile Park

Mauritius Day Tours : The day begins with a departure from your hotel at 9 am to visit La Vanille Crocodile Park nature reserve with its giant tortoise and also to visit the Crying Rock at Gris Gris.

On the way to the Crocodile Park, you will stop at Floreal to see the production of ship models or simply if you want to bring a souvenir of your holiday, be it a diamond necklace, a cashmere pashmina, an assortment of spices or a colorful woven basket, Mauritius is really a good opportunity for everyone to go shopping!

Then go to Trou aux Cerfs. In the highlands, discover the impressive Trou aux Cerfs, the crater of an extinct volcano 700,000 years. From here you have a beautiful view on the Moka mountain range.

After Trou aux Cerfs volcano, way to the La Vanille Crocodile Park. La Vanille Reserve Mascarene is in the south of Mauritius. This part of the island has kept more than any other its authenticity in its people, its traditions and landscapes.

La Vanille Crocodile Park is a refuge for crocodiles basking in the sun, the bald mice, giant tortoises and an insectarium is home of more than 20,000 different species.

After Crocodile Park, we head towards the Crying Rock - La Roche qui Pleur at Souillac Gris-Gris. The Southern Mauritius holds many surprises for those who take the time to find out. The Crying Rock is on the Gris-Gris site east of Souillac. This part is not surrounded by coral reefs and waves breaking on the cliffs.

It offers a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean of which was often used to see through its lagoons.

La Vanille Crocodile Giant tortoise Park nature reserve

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